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SRT (Spiritual Response Technique) 
is a clearing technique performed with the use of a pendulum. This type of clearing is done on a Spiritual level, connecting Sonya's High Self with your Own. As a Certified SRT Consultant Sonya's High Self will research your soul records. If negative programs and/or blocks are discovered from past or present lifetimes, a clearing is done. 

We are experiencing changing times with the shift in our vibration and consciousness. This is affecting us all, both at collective and individual levels.  An SRT Clearing or Merkaba Memory Activation session will assist you spiritually in helping the body and its energy fields adjust to these vibrational changes.  These spiritual processes support a person in allowing them to be open to their own spiritual healing, the release of negative energies and assist in the harmonizing of one’s own aura and energy systems.
About me,


All my life I've been empathic (feeling the emotions and pain of others). As a spiritual energy worker and teacher, I have a deep knowing that I’m here to assist others in connecting to their own joy and light within! This mission has always been a part of my life's work in some form or fashion. I have worked with many people all across the USA and other Countries over the last 8 years that have benefited from SRT. You can trust that all work is performed in a confidential safe space of compassion, love and neutrality/non-judgment.

Merkaba Memory Activation


The Merkaba is a star tetrahedron, a three dimensional 8 pointed star made of two triangular pyramids.Your Merkaba is the greater energy field that surrounds your body beyond your etheric field.

What's New

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Positive Living in a Clear Space


Space clearing is accomplished through SRT by the closing of any open portals, clearing of negative energies, imprints and removing entities. A clearing is done from others previously connected to your space. This in turn will provide you with balance and harmony within your space.

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