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Memory Activation

The Merkaba is a star tetrahedron, a three dimensional 8 pointed star made of two triangular pyramids. Your Merkaba is the greater energy field that surrounds your body beyond your etheric field. This greater field, which is the DNA field, knows all of who you have been in past lives.

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Merkaba Memory Activation

This work is guided by Sonya's High Self working with your High Self and her Spirit Guide. The actual work being done is accomplished by your Spirit, Sonya's Guide and Higher Realm Councils at the level of quantum energy and through the Pink Ray of Love. Some of what to expect in a session...

-There will be an alignment of the two pyramids, checking that they are spinning in the correct direction and moving at the proper speed. A correction is made if needed.

-Clearing of blocks, programs and beliefs that block the energy flow.

-Merkaba, Meridians, and Chakras are connected, aligned and activated.

-Balancing of your magnetic field and body. DNA Memory Activation. 

Merkaba Memory Activation Session - $50.00.

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