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Client Testimonial

"My experience with Sonya was amazing. She was so warm and inviting. I was referred to her by my friend who had nothing but wonderful things to say. Before the clearing, I felt heavy and dealt with a lot of negative energy. She focused on exactly what I needed. I feel amazing after this experience. I feel lighter and happier than I ever have. My anxiety has also decreased. I have a new lease in life. I would recommend Sonya and this experience to everyone I know."

Jan R.
Wisconsin, August 2019

Read the below testimonials to hear what clients have to say about Sonya's work!


"It’s hard for me to put into words the effect that Sonya’s work has had on my life. The best way for me to describe it is that it has been completely life-changing! 

I had my first SRT appointment in July of 2013. During that time my parents were going through a divorce and there was a lot of stress surrounding the situation. I was feeling very burdened, heavy, sad and stressed. It seemed like no matter what I did to keep myself positive, I would just sink back into this dark place.  It was something I had never experienced before. I had heard of Sonya‘s work because my sister had seen her and had a huge shift in her life. I knew it was something I needed to try because honestly, I felt desperate. I did not know what to expect going into the appointment, but what I learned right away is that Sonya is the kindest woman and she immediately makes you feel comfortable. She provided a safe space for me to talk about very private things with no judgment. I was able to cry and release my emotions as she did the clearing work and she was nothing but supportive and understanding during it all.  I left that appt feeling lighter than I’ve ever felt in my life! I felt happy and literally high on life! She awakened me to this whole other world that I didn’t know existed. It has shifted my entire life. I look at things so much differently now and I feel like I’m better able to handle stressful situations. Since that first meeting with Sonya, I have had more clearings with her when I feel like I need some extra help and she has become my angel. 

I highly recommend Sonya and SRT for everyone. "


Vanessa N 

Wisconsin, April 2019


"I am honored to write a testimonial for the most amazing work by Sonya TheisSonya is so heart-centered and creates a sacred space to lovingly be heard and express what issues are coming up for you. Her own inner work and expertise carry a depth that I am amazed and assured I am in good hands. I have worked with Sonya through the last 2 years. The work is so transformative. I will immediately feel so much lighter and in great joy, because some of the past patterns or what has come up for me has been cleared. And I will have very mindful insight after the session of what to be aware of. I only seek help when I feel it is needed and Sonya encourages you to call or make an appointment only when we think we are ready or need it and our soul always know. She empowers you to be the director of your journey. And she is the great healer and facilitator to bring us back wholeness and joy. With highest regards always to all the work and healing, she is bringing forth to the world."

Carolyn W.

Colorado, 2019


"After an SRT session with Sonya, my life has completely changed for the better in so many ways. My old negative way of thinking has changed into a positive, faithful and healing way of living my life. The heavy damaging guilt I carried with me is gone and has opened many doors for me and my family.  My son had a session as well and he is now moving forward in life with a positive, self-confident attitude.

I am so thankful and blessed to have Sonya in my life."


Jen D.

Wisconsin, 2017


"In June 2016 I met Sonya Theis when I sought additional support through Sonya for a long term physical issue. I specifically requested Spiritual Restructuring work. 

From the moment when I talked to Sonya, I could feel her compassion and commitment. That feeling was strongly reinforced when I met her. Her passion for her work and love for humanity literally exudes from every cell in her body! She took the time to listen thoughtfully, to explain the process, to spend the time necessary to create a beautiful, safe, and confidential container for healing and restoration.

I also wanted to work on some bumps in the road that I was experiencing in a complex and nuanced relationship in my life. Sonya facilitated a clearing as well as cord cutting around it. I feel much more able to walk my path in my energy and maintain a deep respect and understanding that the other person. We all walk a unique path to achieve our soul’s life goals. 

Physical issues continue to resolve. I am getting stronger and more balanced every day.  I feel clear, focused and more heart-centered after the beautiful relationship work. I am more confident in my ability to walk my path and receive support from important teachers and guides in this life. Sonya holds a beautiful container for self-healing and understanding. I feel blessed to have met her and receive support through SRT through her."

Katie S. 

Wisconsin, 2016


Read what clients have to say after they've had Sonya clear their homes!

"Throughout my life, I have struggled with seeing and feeling different energies in my room at night.  In the beginning, I thought I was possessed. I was made fun of and didn’t ever feel comfortable staying the night at others’ homes.  I sought out various doctors for answers and guidance with my problem. Their solution was always to put me on medication, which was something I was unwilling to do.  My sleeping patterns made my parents frustrated because they thought I could control my “dreams” at night. It wasn’t until I went to Sonya for help that my mind and energies started changing.  She came into my home and cleared the bad energies. She explained to me that I have the ability to ask my high self to remove the negative that I am feeling and it will go away. I never knew I could ask my spirit to do those things for me.  After she left, my house felt like a completely different place. It felt like it belonged to me and I was in charge of the energies that surrounded me. I have noticed a difference in the way my husband and young children sleep as well. I was humbled by this experience and will forever be grateful for what Sonya has done for me."


Heather M.

Wisconsin, October 2013


"With the help of Sonya and SRT,  I was able to let go of some past pain, and forgive the family members who had caused it.  I was also able to accept their decisions and stop fighting what I have no control over.  This spilled over to another area of my life and after smoking 25 years, I have now been smoke and nicotine-free for 6 months.  This has made an enormous impact on my life.  The hopelessness is gone."

"Thank you, Sonya"

LeeAnn D.

Wisconsin, July 2013

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