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Spiritual Response Technique

The principles of SRT are based on the belief that we as Spiritual beings are here learning lessons to allow our souls to grow and develop. As a Certified SRT Consultant, Sonya connects with her higher self (Spirit) to research soul records. If negative programs and/or blocks are found from past or present lifetimes, a clearing is done. The clearing is accomplished by dowsing (use of a pendulum) and specialized charting. Positive thoughts and energies replace the negative, thereby giving you the opportunity to be open to your greater good and feelings of harmony and love. 

To book a clearing contact Sonya here or email

Initial SRT Clearing

The time that Sonya spends with a client for an initial clearing will take will be approximately 2 1/2-3 hours. She takes the time to review your history and address specific concerns (both past and current). From her SRT training, and working with clients, Sonya has experienced repetitive programs that need clearing. For example; Sonya will check with your High Self and ask for a clearing on Self-Punishment Programs or Self-Worth Issues along with Vows, Soul Programs, Curses and World Energies as these can accumulate from Past Lives.  I also will teach you some tools so you have something that you can use to help yourself. 

Initial SRT Session - $150.00

Clearing of the Inner Child

This is the clearing of the Inner Child Archetype of negative energies. These blocks in a person can start from in the womb up to a certain age due to the experiences of trauma or abuse.  This is scheduled at a later date after the Initial Clearing and can take 2 to 2 1/2  hours to complete.  Spirit researches the negative energies that were projected by the attitude/behavior of a family member or other people in your life and then Spirit will perform a clearing of these energies.  During this appointment I will include the clearing of Blocks to Love in which Spirit will show us where you are at in being open to loving others, receiving love, loving yourself and accepting yourself unconditionally. 

Clearing of the Incarnational Inner Child through SRT - $100.00

Success and Prosperity SRT Session

Success and Prosperity SRT session accomplishes the clearing of any programs, blocks or fears a person may have that can block them to their prosperity and success in their career or business.  For example; a person may have blocks to receiving, living their future, simplicity and ease or hold a negative energy on money.  There can be programs to experience negativity or unworthiness and/or fears of judgment from others or of losing their support system.  Allow yourself to step into your own power of prosperity and success by being a more positive you through this type of SRT clearing.Session on clearing Blocks to


Prosperity and Success - $100.00

Correcting types of Negative Programming of the Brain

This type of clearing is done after the Initial Clearing and Spirit will indicate if this is recommended.  This type of appointment is the clearing of negative patterns that were down loaded by Spirit into the physical brain and replaces them with positive patterns.  For example we could have programming of not wanting to succeed or want to learn to read and/or one will want to be sick and not want to be well.  These negative patterns can also have an effect how our various aspects of our brain functions in how we see, hear, feel, think logically or even block our intuition.  The Soul is the mind of the body and with this clearing the Soul fully melds with the brain correcting types of negative programming.  

Brain Restructuring Session – $100.00

Other types of Clearings

A distance Clearing on a child- $100.00


SRT Clearing for Animals- $80.00


Any other type of SRT follow up is estimated by the amount of time spent on the clearing work with the charge being calculated by $100.00 per hour.

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