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Space Clearing

with SRT

Sonya has cleared many properties here in Wisconsin, throughout United State and in other Countries from a distance. This can be accomplished through SRT by the closing of any open portals, clearing of negative energies, imprints and removing of entities. Energies from the earth are blessed to support those who are in the home or business with the positive.

To book a clearing contact Sonya here or email

Positive Living in a Clear Home

With an onsite clearing Sonya uses the SRT process along with additional clearing tools to raise the vibration of the home energetically along with blessing the home.  SRT can also assist those who are planning on selling a home by identifying the owner’s subconscious blocks of not wanting to sell and/or if the home itself does not want to be sold.  This clearing of your home will in turn provide you with the balance and harmony you deserve in your sacred space called home.  

SRT Clearing of Homes/Apartments, Private Businesses and Land – on site clearing is $100.00 (over 25 miles from Cambridge will be an additional .55 cents per mile which will be charged after scheduling your session). 

SRT in-home clearing for the selling of a property - $120.00.  

SRT distance clearing of a home- $70.00.  

SRT distance clearing for the selling of a property - $90.00.

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