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About Sonya

Photo by Nicole Anhalt

My Story


Being empathic (feeling the emotions and pain of others) all her life, Sonya knows that as a spiritual energy worker and teacher that she is here as a tool to assist others in connecting to their own Divine joy and light within. This has always been a part of her life's work in some form or fashion. 


Sonya started her training in the Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) in 2010 and began working with clients in 2011. With continued training over the next couple of years, Sonya became certified in Spiritual Restructuring, a Reiki Master and received her SRT certification as a Consultant in 2013. Every 2 years it is required of her to account for the integrity and accuracy of her work in SRT by re-applying for this certification.  Currently, Sonya is now 1 of 58 consultants in North America that are certified in SRT. 


Working with Spirit, or what she calls her High Self, is a natural part of Sonya’s daily life that guides her to her own knowing of what is truth from a place of love, not fear.  Just as Sonya knew with clarity that her now two adult daughters were her purpose when they were growing up, it is with that same knowing that she is here to assist others in finding their own connection and guidance within through an SRT clearing of what blocks them in this life. 


Sonya has had experiences of traumatic events and difficult lessons to learn since childhood. On her own journey to healing, she is grateful to have had life’s synchronicities guide her to gifted people who could help her.  She knows this is an important time to be here to assist others on their own spiritual path of healing.  Sonya has worked with many people all across the USA and other Countries over the last 8 years that have found her spiritual work beneficial to their own growth and healing. One can be confident when working with her that this spiritual work is completed in a safe space of confidentiality, compassion, love, non-judgment, and neutrality.



Certified SRT Consultant

Space Clearing

Merkaba Memory Activation

Teacher of Dowsing

Reiki Master

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