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Sonya teaches classes in partnership with her daughter, Megan Zechel. Below is a list of the types of classes and workshops Sonya teaches. To participate in a class and register your spot you can check dates and availability on

Women's Healing Circle

The Women’s Circle meets once a month with the intention to create a safe and neutral space for women to receive healing, learn, connect, and expand. We do this through meditation and sound healing. The space will be amplified with the beautiful and healing tones of sound bowls, drums, tuning forks, and music.

Magical things start happening when you create space for yourself. The feminine will heal, we just need to be willing to work on ourselves and lead in strength through vulnerability. 

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Pendulum Class

What you will learn in this class...

-Why dowsing is a skill and the pendulum is a tool.

-How to cleanse your pendulum and prepare yourself to begin dowsing.

-What the basic pendulum movements are and how to do them with your subconscious mind and neuromuscular system.

-Who your Divine Self/Higher Self is.

-How to connect with your Divine Self/Higher Self and how to work with it when dowsing. 

-How to ask questions and receive answers that are accurate and for your higher good.

-What the challenges and potential problems are in pendulum work. 

This class if for beginners or for those who already use a pendulum and want to develop their skill. 

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Spiritual Tools Workshop

This Workshop focuses on the following:

- Crystals and their properties and how to work in relation to them, cleaning and charging them.

- Color Healing, how to apply it, and what each color focuses on

- Clearing your home, smudging and using sage and palo santo

- Ways to spiritually heal, clear and protect yourself

- Chakras and energy wheels and understanding vibrational frequency

- Singing Bowls, Chimes, and Music Therapy

- Archangels, prayer for clearing and protection

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